About the Heroes of Caring

Highlighting the work of rheumatology nurses

Because the work you do makes a difference every day.

Our Purpose

Across the country, rheumatology nurses touch thousands of lives on a daily basis. These nurses attend to patients with complex and challenging medical conditions. They use their critical thinking skills and multidisciplinary experiences to have a profound impact on the wellbeing of the people they care for, developing deep relationships with patients and their families. Rheumatology nursing also has a significant impact in rheumatology research, a rapidly expanding field that has generated a deeper understanding of immune mediated pathways and helped the development of target-specific therapies.

Our Voices

Given the specialized care and deep patient relationships rheumatology entails, it’s no surprise that rheumatology nursing is a field replete with stories. These are stories of extraordinary care and connection. Here at RNS, we believe those stories matter. In fact, we believe they are the key to creating increased awareness and appreciation of rheumatology nursing.

Our aim with the Heroes of Caring initiative is simple: to hold up the microphone. By amplifying your stories and allowing them to speak for themselves, we hope to inspire more nurses to explore the career possibilities offered by rheumatology nursing.

Greater still, we hope to honor the heroic work of rheumatology nurses like you. It’s our small way of celebrating your contributions and thanking you for the important–and often unseen–work you do every day.

An initiative of the Rheumatology Nurses Society

Our Vision

We will be presenting the video submissions collected on this website at the 10th Annual Rheumatology Nurses Society (RNS) Conference. Taking place from August 9-12, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio, the RNS Conference educates nurses and healthcare professionals on best practices for delivering excellent care to their patients.

By celebrating their achievements in the presence of their peers, we hope to put these nurses’ stories front and center in the discussion on the future of rheumatology nursing in America.

We also look forward to compiling all of our submissions into a shareable book that will paint a fuller picture of the impact of rheumatology nursing, both in research and in the lives of patients everywhere.

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Share your story and become a hero of caring.

Every nurse has their own experience to share. Inspire our community of rheumatology nurses and bring awareness to the larger medical community with your story.

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